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Only the minimum of special tools are required for laying the pavers. They are
  • Mecahnical Vibrator for bedding the paving block and compacting the sub base.
  • Hand operated hydraulic stone splitter for cutting locks.
Typically, there are three layers in block paving
  • The Sub Base - Laid as for a conventional road, the thickness depending on the nature of the ground and the amount of traffic. The sub-base must be free of debris or mud and its surface should be level

  • The Laying Course - A Layer of carefully screeded sand about 50 mm deep. The sand must be washed containing not more than 3% of slit and clay by weight and not more than 15% retained on a 2.36 mm sieve. To achieve the best regularity in the finished road surface, the sand should be uniform in both type and moisture content. It is essential to carry out screeding to the required level which can be done from the kerbs or from temporary screed rails. The sand used in the laying course must be laid to a surcharge, the amount of which depends on the type and moisture content of the sand, which is normally in the range of 5-15 mm. This is required as the pavers above the laying course will be lowered below the initial level by vibration.

  • The surface course - Each paver has to be placed very carefully so as not to disturb the neighbouring blocks. The positioning of the first block demands extra care. To give the required pattern, the blocks must be placed at the correct angle against a firm starting edge such as a row of concrete channel blocks. All blocks must be laid so that they fit closely together. If joints begin to open, the blocks should be knocked together with a hide mallet. Care must be taken not to tilt the blocks on the loading edge of the laying face by standing or kneeling on them. Where blocks do not fit at the edges, the spaces are filled with cut blocks, split using the hydraulic stone splitter.
The pavers are vibrated to their final level with a plate vibrator. A machine with a plate area between 0.2 and 0.3 square maters and a centrified force of approximately 1 tonne is suitable. The vibrator should be guided over the whole area, avoiding any understrained edge by about a metre. Two or three passes will normally be needed to vibrate the blocks to the finished level.
Filling the joints
After the initial vibration, sand is brushed over the surface of the blocks and is vibrated into the joints by a further two or three passes of the plate vibrator. After all the joints are filled, surplus sand can be swept away


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